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Talent for sale

Original (shortlisted at Cannes Lions Advertising Festival back in 2001)

Client: Bianco Footwear “Sale”

Agency: …& Co

Country: Denmark

Year: 2001

Not So Original

Client: The Foot Shoe Store

Country: Indonesia

Not so original

Client: Essere

Agency: Talent

Designer: Seif El Degwi

Country: Kuwait – 2010.

Special thanks for Kris for sharing this with us. here is what he wrote;

Let’s just call this UN-TALENTED STOLEN IDEA!!!!!!!!!

Did TALENT take money from ESSERE ZAHRA COMPLEX KUWAIT SHOP for this STOLEN IDEA??? … I guess they should at least send 99.9 percent of it to the guy from Indonesia

It’s NOT FAIR MAN!!!!!!! Really!!!!!

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