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Louai Alasfahani co-founded the International Advertising Association Kuwait Chapter in 1996, served as General Secretary 2008-2010 and President elect 2010-2012.

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Kuwait Times Page 23 _ 16.3.2011.jpeg
Kuwait Times Page 5 _ 19.08.2010 Part 2.
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Louai Alasfahani with the H.E. french ambassador to Kuwait Jean-Rene Gehan during the European film festival which Paragon sponsored and I participated and supported as IAA

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Our work being exhibited in the IAA 2006 40th IAA World Congress

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Arab Times Page 7 Betsy Myers ad _ 02.20
Anbaa Make Money and Grab Market 10.5.09
Kuwait Times Page 13 _ 10.5.2009.jpeg
AT Kuwait to hike food stock _ 25.04.200
Alyoum Act Responsible _ 26.04.2008.jpeg
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