Busan, South Korea: Louai Alasfahani judging at Ad Stars

August 22 - 24, 2019

Kuwait: Louai Alasfahani (center) with the Bulgarian Ambassador to Kuwait HE Ilko Shevatchev (right) and Sheikh Dawood Salman Dawood Al Subah (left) during International Advertising Association (IAA) Event.

Oman: Louai Alasfahani directing the photoshoot for

National Bank of Oman's (NBO) European Championship

Kuwait: Louai Alasfahani president of IAA Kuwait presenting BPA (Business Publication Auditing) Media round table discussion

Kuwait: Louai Alasfahani supervising the Porsche World

Road Show organized by Paragon International

Kuwait: Louai Alasfahani during the all new Porsche Cayenne

Launch event organized by Paragon International

Oman: Louai Alasfahani examining, advising and appreciating the artworks at the Paragon Arts CSR initiative Workshops and Exhibitions

Oman: Louai Alasfahani with Omani photographer Mr. Faisal Al Balushi with the NBO Golf Classic trophy

Kuwait: Louai Alasfahani and Paragon team members, on stage on the launch of the all new VW Touareg

event organized by Paragon International

Louai Alasfahani Professional Photography