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Creativity Festival Judging

In order to honor the World’s Best, it require the World’s Best Judges

Grand Jury

In order to honor the World’s Best Advertising, we require the World’s Best Judges. To find the most talented individuals in the industry from around the world to serve on the Grand Jury, we developed a peer recommendation program and invite judges from previous years to tell us who they believe should be invited to join the following year’s panel. Jury members are also chosen from amongst last year’s award-winners and recommendations from industry creative leaders.

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Paragon Chief Creative Officer judges the 2009 Summit Creative Awards 

for the fifth consecutive year


Louai Alasfahani the chief creative officer at Paragon Marketing Communications has been elected by his international peers to serve on the broadcast jury in the 2009 Summit International Awards for the fifth consecutive year.

Alasfahani Is the only Arab national ever to serve in this prestigious award which was established more that 16 years back and has attracted participants from five continents and more than 50 countries from around the globe which include Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, England, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, UAE, US and others.

Alasfahani election was based on his proven accomplishments in the field of creativity in advertising and is backed up with 19 years of practical experience.

Alasfahani established Paragon Marketing Communications in 2001 as a local agency that operates according to international standards, with a specialized task force of branding, marketing, communication, media and public relations professionals. By using the latest technologies, media and marketing research methods to achieve their clients goals and superseding them in many cases which yielded a total of 48 creativity awards (24 International, 14 regional, 10 local) in just seven years’ holding on to its position as Kuwait’s most

awarded agency.

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Louai Alasfahani judges the 2019 

Ad Stars - South Korea


AD STARS is the only international advertising festival which combines creativity with cutting-edge technology. It aims to share creative solutions and change the world.
As its ultimate value is “humanity”.

AD STARS contributes to the happiness of mankind particularly by actively promoting public service advertisements that promote positive change in the world. Every year, the Grand Prix of the Year winner for Public Service Advertising is awarded with US$10,000 – a prize designed to support the creation of future world-changing ideas.

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[AD STARS] Thank you Letter_Louai Alasfa
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Paragon team, part of AUK Graphic

Design Capstone jury

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Louai Alasfahani – Paragon Chief Creative Officer Heads the Judging

of The Kuwait Times

Photography Competition

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