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So not cool

Client: National Real Estate – Souq Shark.

Agency: Eurika Media.

Country: Kuwait.

Client: National Paints

Agency: Team Y&R

Country: Jordan

Featured in Arab Ad magazine September, 2003 issue. Vol. 13. No. 8. Page:202.

Unbelievable!!! This concept based on a stock photo got awarded at the 2003 Jordan Advertising Awards!!! The awards were organized by Arab Ad and Mediascope J and were held on the 14th of August, 2003 at the Grand Hayatt hotel in Amman – Jordan.

The following criteria was used to evaluate the work, 55 points for freshness of the idea, 20 points for strategy, 20 points for quality of the execution and 5 points for personal assessment.

Judging panel included: Walid Azzi (Arab Ad), Tony Sabbagh, Nadim Zahar, Nagi Moubarak, Reema Karram,  Halim Choueiry (publisher of Comma in Arab Ad), Hanadi Shehabeddine (Arab Ad), Ali Maher and Ani Orfali.

Stock photography consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Publishers, advertising agencies, graphic artists, and others use stock photography to fulfill the needs of their creative assignments.

A customer who uses stock photography instead of hiring a photographer can save time and money, but can also sacrifice creative control. – Wikipedia

A copycat is a person that mimics or repeats the behavior of another. The term is often derogatory, suggesting a lack of originality. The expression may derive from kittens that learned by imitating the behaviors of their mothers. – Wikipedia

Plagiarism: The abuse of another’s original work by copying it and passing it off as one’s own. As defined in Alastair Campbell book titled The Designer’s Lexicon. Page: 293 ISBN: 0-304-35505-4.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of thievery” excerpt from a book by Capsule titled Design Matters. Page: 84. ISBN -13:978-1-59253-341-1.

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