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Copy of Rumors confirmed, Safir Hotel Chit Chat logo is a 10 year old copycat

What a coincidence, same country (Kuwait), same industry (Restaurant), Similar name, same logo (you can clearly tell that it is traced from Rumors), one more thing, the Marketing Guru Mustafa Mansour who works for Safir Hotel (chit chat logo) used to work for Paragon and he is very familiar with the Rumors logo, so please do not even dare to mention conicedence or telepathy.

In the ideas business,how could the industry evolve if IP is not protected, how could a logo function as a tool for differentiation if anyone can copy and use it.


Client: Rumores Restaurant and Coffee shop (Mr. Maher Shofi)

Agency: Paragon Marketing Communications

Designer: Hami Alasfahani

Account executive: Mustafa Mansour

Year: 2002

Less original:

Client: Safir Hotels & Residences (Mustafa Mansour)

Agency: In-house

Country: Kuwait

Year: 2012

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