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WWF copycunts

Post by: Copycunts

Original by Chris Auret & Alexis Christodoulou, student campaign for South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) with the line ‘Would you care more now?’

“Rip off by Arnaud Vanhelle & Benoit Raynert, live campaign for WWF with the line ‘Would you care more if I was a gorilla/rhino/panda?’

This is just too fucking much. If the identical concept and execution weren’t enough to convince everyone with half a fucking brain and one functioning eyeball that the Ogilvy campaign is a total steal, the near-identical line should. Plus the fact that Chris and Alexis’ had been online for some time before the Ogilvy one came out.

But – those thieving fuckers are still protesting their innocence. Here’s my favourite line from Ogilvy’s official statement (made in a letter from their lawyer to one representing Chris & Alexis):

“Our work is indeed based on the same idea as the one of your client. But you will agree, above all, that it is not very original to use animals in their environment to talk over the disappearance of animals.”

In other words: “The idea’s shit anyway so even if we did steal it, the fact that you even care means all your ideas must be shit, so just, like, shut up yeah?”

Absolute bag of dicks. Just fucking own up to it, have some balls, relish your utter, abject ad-man cuntishness. Don’t send a statement through a lawyer. Write it on a just-emptied coke wrap, invite the boys in for a book crit and then staple it to their foreheads while they wait in reception as you saunter past on your way to the whorehouse.

But then I suppose that would require some imagination, wouldn’t it? Cunts”.

I came across the above story on the blog copycunts  which has a plethora of copycat examples, what I also noticed is that a lot of copycat ads, spoof ads and ghost ads are synonymous with the WWF!!!!!! almost like creativity is an endangered specie. I for one wish that copycats become extinct. Follow this links to see more copycat crimes committed in the name of WWF or on behalf of them:

Check out more examples by following this link:

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