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Skin Deep

Advertising Agency: JWT Kuwait

Executive Creative Director: Mazen Fayad

Art Director: John Thottan

Copywriter: Laila Al gharabally

Year: August 2007.

This campaign should not have been allowed to enter the 2008 Dubai Lynx as it was never ever published…in the MENA region at least which is what the Dubai Lynx criteria clearly stated as a condition for competing as per the following excerpt from their website;

Who can enter? The Dubai Lynx Awards is for Middle Eastern and North African advertising. All entries must have be screened, published or displayed in at least one MENA country. All work must have originated or been created for publication or screening in Arabic speaking countries. good news is that JWT – Kuwait Associate Creative Director Mr. Mark Makhoul has openly admitted that this campaign was intended for the US market…which upon careful examination and intense research turned out NOT to be in the MENA region!!!This is what Mr. Mark Makhoul had to say on the subject:3. Mark | August 18th, 2007 at 1:40 am     No not the middle east but they are getting released in the US.

5. Mark | August 18th, 2007 at 3:09 pm

Well you are free to believe whatever you want but these ads were already approved by PETA and the CD was sent to the US for release.

Year: 2006.

Playing by the rules means you don’t make ghost ads to enter awards and compete unethically with creative directors who participate with REAL work that is approved by clients and is published.

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