Popcorn creativity from Dubai

The Original:

Account Supervisor: Bettina Scherer Advertiser Supervisor: Till Hopf Photographer: Patrice Lange Advertising Agency: JUNG von MATT/SPREE Creative Team: Burkhart Von Scheven,Jan Harbeck/Antje Lichtenberg,Christian Bobst

The commercial titled CORN was done by Jung Von Matt/spree advertising agency for Tabasco Sauce (for Importhaus Wilms) in Germany. It was released in the June 2004. Reference: http://www.advertolog.com/importhaus-wilms/print-outdoor/corn-6066655/

Less Original:

Client: Gyma

Agency: Tonic

Creative Director: Vincent Raffray

Country: UAE – Dubai

Reference: http://vincentraffray.blogspot.com/search?q=GYMA

Special Thanks to www.Joelapompe.com for sharing this with us.

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