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Nice Legs

Dubai Lynx Outdoor


Type Of Entry: Ambient

Category: Ambient: Small Scale



Product/Service: K-LYNN LINGERIE

Entrant Company: JWT CAIRO

Country: EGYPT

Country: EGYPT

Executive Creative Director: Lars Busekist

Creative Director: Rania Makarem

Photographer: Tina Patni

I sure would like to visit those selected “females only” Cafe’s, in Cairo.

hmmm, I wonder how the males would have reacted to these place mates (God forbid; if they where ever allowed into such cafe’s,).

Imaginary conversation that could take place if males where seated in such a cafe’:

Bor3i: Ya Haridiiiii.

Haridi: Ewaaaaa ya Bor3iiiii

Bor3i: aih el 7alaw de umal? matseebak menel bet Nifesaaa wa khalina 7elween keda ma3a ba3d.

Haridi: fasharet el bit Nifesaaa “el kheshna” ya  bo rejleen  3asal 

Bor3i: rejleen 3asal?!!! ya 7mar dol mosh rejleyaaa dol le3ba men beto3 JWT Carooo 3alashan yeksabo jaizat el Dubai Stinx

Haridi: eywaaa 3arefeha Dubai Stinx. wel nabi tesame7ni makontish wakhed bali men welad el abalssaaa. rabinia yekhzi el shittttan.

Bor3i: Allaahhh Akbarrrrr. Al nasrrrrr lanaaaaaa wal yakhsa2 el khase2oooon.

Type: alternative media Title: Imagine you there – sea Advertiser: Aruba Agency: Lew’Lara \ TBWA Creative Director: Lewkovicz Jaques, Andrew Laurentino, Felipe Luchi and Victor Sant’Anna Art Director: Manu Mazzaro Editor: Felipe Cirino Photo: Vitor Rocha and Gabriel Bittencourt

Country: Brazil

Year: January 2009

The above was published in Media Week ME on the 16/31 May, 2009 issue.

Corporate Name of Client: Malaysian Airline System Berhad Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Kuala Lumpur Executive Creative Director: Daniel Comar Creative Directors: Brian Capel/Kamal Gangaram Copywriter: Jarrod Reginald Art Director: Jarrod Reginald Photographer: Jessie

Country: Malaysia

Year: May 2008


here is another angle of the same idea…

Source: Great design

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