Looking good at Cannes Lions

The same idea at its core, in the same category of PSA, warning against drinking and driving with the same call for action “call a cab”.

Art Director: Steve Mitchell

Writer: Kristine Larsen

Creative Director: Mike Murray

Illustrator: Tom Larson

Agency: Hunt Murray – Minneapolis

Client: Minnesota Brewing Company

Published in Communication Arts magazine, Advertising Annual, December 1994. Page: 99.

Less Original: Winner of the bronze trophy at the 2007 Cannes Lions! use of media :  Field Marketing

Agency: Tequila –  Johannesburg

Advertiser: Toot-N-Scoot

Title: Drunk Driving Can Be Fun

Responsible Young Drivers – 2007

“If you think I’m cute, don’t drive”.

Source : Cannes Archive Online,

Agency : TBWA\Paris (France)

Don’t Drink and Drive – 2005

“Wanna take her home? Better call a cab”.

Source : Shortlisted at Cannes Festival,

Agency : Giovanni FCB (Brazil)

Source of the above two examples were contributed by Joelapompe here his the link: Ugly copycat? / Affreux, affreux

copycat is a person that mimics or repeats the behavior of another. The term is often derogatory, suggesting a lack of originality. The expression may derive from kittens that learned by imitating the behaviors of their mothers. – Wikipedia.

Plagiarism: The abuse of another’s original work by copying it and passing it off as one’s own. As defined in Alastair Campbell book titled The Designer’s Lexicon. Page: 293 ISBN: 0-304-35505-4.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of thievery” excerpt from a book by Capsule titled Design Matters. Page: 84. ISBN -13:978-1-59253-341-1.

The next example is a great twist on the above copy-cat / Cliche’ concept…it is also very relevant to the target market and the product is non-alcoholic so you can drink and drive

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