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Ideas? Where’s your creativity?

• The Milk where’s your mustache ads were created by Bozell Worldwide.

Title: Got Oil?

Format: Poster

Art Director/Designers: Bebad Cuzk, Toni Tomasek.

Client: Magdalena Young Creatives Festival.

Country: Slovenia

Year: 2004

Excerpt from the book: “part of the power of this poster depends on the viewers knowledge of the “Got Milk?ad campaign for the American Dairy Association in which the subjects featured are always shown with a “milk mustache.” In this parody, Bush’s lips are smeared with oil creating a vampire like image, alluding to his passion for oil.”

The above example is featured in a book titled “The Design of Dissent” by Milton Glaser & Mirko Ilic’. Page: 50. ISBN:1-59253-117-2.

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