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Head Shot

Client: Grass TV

Agency: Talent

Designer: Seif El Degwi

Country: Kuwait

Year: November, 2008

Featured in Media Week magazine. 16th of November 2008. Page: 34.

I almost forgot to mention this movie poster “Forfeit” the guy has a TV head!!!

Client: Al Ghanim Industries

Agency: Impact & Echo BBDO

Country: Kuwait

Year: from the advertised models it is a couple of years back

The same concept/art direction was used back in 1991 by Alpha Boushahri for BKME in Kuwait.

Letterhead & Logo Design 11. Publisher: Rockport.

By the way, our work (Paragon Marketing Communications) is featured in this book

A cliché is a bankrupt idea because it is over used, even though it is commonly understood.

Client: BKME – Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East

Agency: Alpha

Country: Kuwait

Year: 1995.

Yup, that is me in my modeling days.

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