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Creativity’s broken back is back

Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG, Dubai Creative Director: Neeraj Sabharwal  Copywriter: Neeraj Sabharwal  Art Director: Neeraj Sabharwal  Photographer: Tejal Patni  Illustrator: Jose Basug  Other Credits: Carmel Missilmany

Source: Perfect support, perfect sleep

Advertising Agency: Gmasco, Dubai, UAE

Creative Director: Khalid Radwan

Art Director: Harshad Badbe

Copywriter: Shantesh Row

Photographer: Kundan Raut

Designer: Akbar Ibrahim

Servicing / Planning: Lester Fernandes, Anish Pandit

The following examples are sourced from my partner site check them out with their links.

Spine with chairs / 4 colonnes à la une (1/2)

Spine with chairs / 4 colonnes à la une (2/2)

Famo Office Chairs – 2001

Source : Cannes Archive Online,

Agency : Opal Publicidade (Portugal)


Ergonomic chairs from

designer’s world – 2000

Source : Cannes Archive Online,

Agency : DDB (Philippines)

Journey of physical therapy seminar –2002

Source : New York Festivals

Gold World medal

Agency : Comunicacao Carioca (Brazil)

Dauphin Ergonomic Seating – 2005

Source : Cannes Archive Online,

Agency : Q WERBEAGENTUR (Germany)

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