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Creativity Chill Pill

The following ad is a creative twist on the pill ads that are giving us a headache.

AgencyCerebro Y&R, Panama Creative Director: Jorge Heilbron Art Directors: Alberto Weand, Eduardo Gomes Copywriter: German Ponce Illustrator: Alberto Weand Photographer: Gustavo Dao Published: August 2011

Client: Kuwait United Company Group

Brands: Layalina and Star

Agency: In-house

Published in Arab Ad magazine. Page: 155.

Advertiser: Telemax – TV Production Company

Published in Arab Ad magazine. Pages: 54 – 55.

Client: Cyber Gear – self promotion

Client: Al Faisal Al Feddy Mobiles

Country: Kuwait

Year: 2002

I do not know what is this deep fascination with taking pills!!! its really sick

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