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cake and bake

can you bake your cake and eat it? some can.

Client: Nissan


Art director: Daniel Djarmati

Copywriter: Sandeep Fernandes

Executive Creative Director: Milos Ilic

Digital imaging: Procolor, Singapore

Account management: Nael Badr, Soheil Oliaie

Country: UAE, Dubai – 2009.


Client: Whirlpool.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Milan, Italy Executive Creative Director: Vincenzo Gasbarro, Luca Scotto di Carlo Art Director: Vincenzo Gasbarro, Salvatore Urso Copywriter: Umberto Bartolini Client Service Team: Elena Morandi, Francesca Roncaglia Photographer: Roberto Prosdocimo Post Production: Roberto Marchesi, Marta Capriotti, Federico Zerbinati

Source: Whirlpool: The Green Sense

Special thanks to Ali for sending this in.

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